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Since debuting the Prius at the tail end of the 20th century, Toyota has long been a force in the world of hybrid vehicles, and they continue holding on to this leadership role with a large number of hybrids available for the 2023 model year.

The Camry is Toyota’s midsize sedan tour de force, so it makes sense that a hybrid version has been available for the past 15-plus years. And while some competitors have abandoned hybrids and focus exclusively on electric vehicles, there are still a few direct competitors for the Camry hybrid — including the Sonata hybrid and Accord hybrid.

I’m of the belief that Toyota is being smart by not diving fully into EVs before the infrastructure is there to support them, and still keeping a strong hybrid lineup in play for people who want fuel economy but don't want to go the EV route.

I recently spent time behind the wheel of a 2023 Toyota Camry hybrid, and I’m back with a full report.

Additional Info

  • Vehicle 2023 Toyota Camry hybrid
  • Price as tested $40,312 (starts around $29K) 
  • Best feature Excellent fuel mileage, roomy interior
  • Rating 4 out of five stars     
  • Who will want this vehicle? Families wanting a reliable, roomy sedan that will limit their trips to the gas station    
Posted On Monday, 01 May 2023 22:36 Written by
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While the market for compact cars continues to shrink, there remains a dedicated fan base who keeps resisting the move toward SUVs as the default vehicle option.

Part of the reason they can remain so loyal to their vehicle of choice is because of the strong new options that continue to be pushed out each year by the manufacturers still working in this segment.

Take for example the Hyundai Elantra, a compact ride that’s been in the U.S. market for more than 30 years, and is now on its seventh generation.

I recently spent some time testing the 2023 Hyundai Elantra, which stands out in the segment due its bold design, including distinct creasing and angles, that make it stand out among compact sedans, along with some of the best technology in the segment.

Competing with popular vehicles such as the Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, Mazda3, Volkswagen Jetta and Nissan Sentra is no picnic, but the Elantra does a strong job of holding up as an overall package — even if it may not lead the segment in all categories.

Read on for a full breakdown on this standout sedan that gives you a lot for a reasonable price.

Additional Info

  • Vehicle 2023 Hyundai Elantra  
  • Price as tested $28.055 (starts around $22K)
  • Best feature Daring design, fuel economy, user-friendly tech   
  • Rating 4 out of five stars   
  • Who will want this vehicle? Compact car buyers looking for one of the more complete options available in today’s market
Posted On Saturday, 01 April 2023 00:52 Written by
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In the realm of luxury cars, there is a wide variety of SUVs available as plug-in hybrids. But when you turn to the sedan side of things, the numbers are pretty thin.

One company that remains committed to this type of model, which bridges the gap between gas-only rides and full EVs, is Volvo, which offers multiple plug-in hybrid sedan options.

I recently tested the 2023 Volvo S60 Recharge, a stylish entry-level luxury sedan that oozes class and is packed with technology and safety features.

Additional Info

  • Vehicle 2023 Volvo S60 Recharge
  • Price as tested $63,690   
  • Best feature Fuel economy, upscale styling, safety and tech innovations     
  • Rating 4.5 out of five stars    
  • Who will want this vehicle? Buyers looking for a stylish, fun to drive, tech-savvy, green luxury ride  
Posted On Tuesday, 14 March 2023 00:56 Written by
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Back in the day, owning a luxury sedan was the ultimate goal of many up-and-coming car buyers looking to impress. But goals have changed with the SUV revolution of recent years.

If we’re talking about endangered species among U.S. automakers, the sedan would definitely be near the top of that list. One by one, sedan models are being dropped from lineups in favor of crossovers and SUVs, leaving precious few remaining. And the vast majority of sedans sold today will come from Asian and European automakers.

Cadillac, however, is not throwing in the towel, and continues to put out its CT4 and CT5 sedan models.

I recently was able to test out a 2023 Cadillac CT5, a midsize offering that’s the larger of Cadillac’s two sedan options.

Packed with groundbreaking technology, fun driving characteristics, and a sharp design, it’s understandable why Cadillac is sticking around in this segment, as the CT5 has a lot to offer buyers to woo them away from foreign luxury makes.

Posted On Sunday, 19 February 2023 18:35 Written by
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Some car models have many sides to their personality, catering to a variety of tastes. For example, alongside the more tame versions of Hyundai’s compact Elantra sedan, there’s a star that’s ready for its spotlight.

I’m referring to the Hyundai Elantra N, the performance-oriented ride that’s truly the gem of this lineup in terms of driving performance and overall design.

The Elantra N was introduced as a new model for 2022, and has carried over with little change for the 2023 model year. The N is for those driving enthusiasts who want some oomph under the hood and a vehicle built to tackle the open road (or a racetrack) with complete confidence. The powerful N brand is just one method Hyundai is using to grow its audience beyond those who want your typical day-to-day car or SUV options.

The Elantra N competes directly with sporty compact cars from brands including Honda, Volkswagen, Subaru and Toyota.

I recently spent some time behind the wheel of an Elantra N, and I’m back with a full report on this highly customizable hot rod.

Additional Info

  • Vehicle Hyundai Elantra N
  • Price as tested $35,145 
  • Best feature Customizable and truly fun driving experience   
  • Rating 4.5 out of five stars    
  • Who will want this vehicle? Driving enthusiasts looking for a versatile hot rod that won’t break the bank
Posted On Sunday, 22 January 2023 18:01 Written by


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