Thursday, 25 July 2024
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When discussing fast and beautiful luxury cars, BMW’s lineup is always in the middle of the conversation. While not everyone’s favorite, the long-respected luxury competitor continues to up its game both in terms of looks and design, as well as performance and get-up-and-go.

The 4-series is one of the most popular BMW lineups, and it recently got a controversial upgrade for 2021, including a massive change on the front end.

I recently spent some time in a 2021 BMW 430i xDrive Coupe, and I’m back with a full report on what all the hype is about.

Additional Info

  • Vehicle 2021 BMW 430i xDrive Coupe 
  • Price as tested $60,520 (starts around $47K) 
  • Best feature Pure driving enjoyment  
  • Rating 4.5 out of five stars   
  • Who will want this vehicle? Anyone seeking a fast, fun, sporty luxury ride, and has some dough to spend
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When the Toyota Corolla first went on sale, Lyndon Baines Johnson was president. In the 55 years since, the vehicle has sold more than 45 million units worldwide. That’s quite a run, one of the best ever in fact, and there is no end in sight, with the Corolla selling over 237,000 vehicles in the U.S. in 2020.

Those are impressive numbers considering how the pandemic hit the industry last year, and are helped by the fact that the vehicle got a sharp redesign for 2020. Even more positive are the numbers in 2021 so far, with the Corolla on track to far exceed last year’s total.

I recently spent some time in a 2021 Corolla, and I’m back with a full report on how it measures up in the small car segment.

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A mention of the Toyota Camry is not usually accompanied by excitement. Sure, a ton of them are sold each year, and people view it as a safe and reliable vehicle for family travels and getting from point A to point B, but it’s not a ride that people are generally thrilled to get behind the wheel of.

To change that perception, though, let me introduce the Toyota Camry TRD, a model that soups up the traditional family vehicle to appeal to driving enthusiasts. I recently spent time behind the wheel of a 2021 Camry TRD, and I’m back with a full report.

Additional Info

  • Vehicle 2021 Toyota Camry TRD  
  • Price as tested $34,207  
  • Best feature TRD power and styling, safety and reliability  
  • Rating 4 out of five stars  
  • Who will want this vehicle? Drivers seeking a sedan with both traditional Toyota safety and reliability, and a TRD power boost
Posted On Saturday, 03 July 2021 23:27 Written by
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Wagon devotees are a committed bunch, perhaps reminiscent of their times touring the country in the old wood-paneled wagons of decades past. But their numbers are no longer massive, as SUVs have taken over the automotive world.

Still, there are a few automotive brands who remain dedicated to keeping wagon lovers happy. On the nonluxury side of things, Subaru’s Outback is the most popular option, and in the luxury realm, both Audi and Volvo remain active in the wagon world.

Today, we’ll be talking about the Volvo V60 Cross Country, the type of quality vehicle you would love to take the family out in for a long, ‘Vacation’ style road trip — minus some of the more dangerous high jinks of course.

Posted On Saturday, 12 June 2021 22:37 Written by
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As we move closer to everyone and their mother having a truck or SUV, small car offerings are a rarity these days, especially the subcompact vehicles that seem to be disappearing more and more each year.

The Nissan Versa is one of the few still available to those in search of a tinier ride: A subcompact, front-wheel-drive, 4-door sedan. I spent a week in a 2021 Versa, and I’m back with a full report on this small but capable ride.


Completely redesigned in 2020 and touched up a bit for 2021, the 2021 Nissan Versa is now one of the better-looking subcompact sedans available on the market, inside and out.

Legroom is always a concern in a subcompact, but up front there’s plenty to spare even for taller folks. In the back, of course, it’s going to be a bit cramped, which is why these types of vehicles are often used as commuter cars and not family carriers.

Additional Info

  • Vehicle 2021 Nissan Versa    
  • Price as tested $21,155      
  • Best feature Affordability, smooth ride, design   
  • Rating 3.5 out of five stars     
  • Who will want this vehicle? People looking for an attractive and affordable small car option
Posted On Monday, 07 June 2021 23:09 Written by
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