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StradVision Teaming With Leading German Automotive OEM and Global Tier 1 Supplier to Develop Advanced Vision Technologies

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StradVision’s Surround View Monitoring solution is one that the company believes will be in high-demand for many years to come. StradVision’s Surround View Monitoring solution is one that the company believes will be in high-demand for many years to come. Photo courtesy of StradVision

StradVision, a pioneer in AI-based vision processing technology for Autonomous Vehicles and ADAS systems, has announced two new partnerships to expand its global reach. StradVision is partnering with a leading German automotive OEM to supply augmented reality to the Navigation and Lane Keeping Assistance Systems (LKAS) of its vehicle lineup.

Additionally, they recently began working with a global Tier 1 automotive supplier to provide a Surround View Monitoring (SVM) algorithm that supports Park-Assist functions such as Automatic Parking Assistance (APA).

Augmented reality technology
StradVision’s augmented reality technology will be featured on more than 40 vehicles from the OEM, scheduled for production globally in 2022. The technology is focused on improving visuals for the center screens. The OEM’s full vehicle lineup of cars, CUVs and SUVs will feature the technology from the collaboration. 

The augmented reality technology will be powered by StradVision’s SVNet software, which powers an enhanced depth-map solution, semantic segmentation, and lane detection. These solutions are able to solve issues related to In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems, including:

— Occlusion: Fully covering information about objects such as trees, posts, traffic lights, etc.
— Positioning: Improving AR elements positioning
— Pitch compensation: Keeping AR elements fixed/glued to the world under all road conditions. 

According to StradVision CEO Junhwan Kim, “Drivers of high-end vehicles have grown to expect the best accuracy, performance and visual quality from their in-vehicle experiences, and StradVision’s technology can take their expectations to the next level. Our advanced approach to providing augmented reality for these vehicles will be rightfully recognized as a major leap forward, and we look forward to growing this collaboration for years to come as vehicles continue to evolve.” 

Surround View Monitoring and Automatic Parking Assistance

StradVision’s Surround View Monitoring solution is one that the company believes will be in high-demand for many years to come, with so many urgent real-world needs for parking solutions that the technology can solve.

StradVision’s software contributions to the SVM partnership will ensure that the camera system can be used for surrounding object and free space detection to support multiple features, including Reverse Brake Assist, and Automated & Remote Park Assist functions.

Kim continued, “Imagine the peace of mind that will come with knowing you don’t have to park in a difficult spot for yourself, and can let the vehicle do the work for you. As the industry continues to trend toward self-parking vehicles and Auto-Valet features, StradVision’s vision processing expertise will be extremely helpful to Tier 1 suppliers and OEMs making this transition. We intend to be a leader in this field, and are excited to be ahead of the curve in making people’s lives easier with this technology.”

Since launching in 2014, StradVision’s deep-learning, AI-based expertise has helped the company lead the AV industry in Object Detection (OD) and Free Space Detection (FSD), and its SVNet software enables vehicles to execute ADAS and self-driving functions, including: Automatic Emergency Braking, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning and Blind Spot Detection.

StradVision currently is engaged in multiple production projects in Europe and China, including work on a Level 4 autonomous bus project in Europe, and is already deploying ADAS vehicles on Chinese roads.

— Press release courtesy of StradVision 

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