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Letitu Introduces The Pond, an AI-based All-in-One College Counselor

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The Pond uses AI technology to guide students through the college admissions process. The Pond uses AI technology to guide students through the college admissions process. Photo courtesy of Letitu

Letitu Corporation has announced the global launch of “The Pond," a data-driven platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help students find and get accepted to their “best choice” of college.

In doing so, Letitu proprietary technology has identified key factors and proven strategies that make for success in today’s complex college admissions process. The database includes every college in the United States. 

The Pond helps students solve two key issues: the shortage of high school counselors in the United States; and the situation where the college admissions process is increasingly being delegated to a selective group of experts and large companies. In response, The Pond empowers all students and their families to develop an independent, practical roadmap to college.

In fact, there are 455 students for each school counselor in the U.S. This shortage of school counselors makes it difficult for many schools to provide adequate guidance to students planning to attend college.  Now, The Pond can guide high school students to better understand their goals and aptitudes, potential career choices, and how to pay for higher education.

“Already proven in extensive trials, The Pond appeals to today’s young people, who are adept with and enjoy technology, while it demystifies the college admissions process.  The fun factor belies the tremendous power and value behind this platform,” said Letitu CEO Marco Dahun Lee. 

Many students share their The Pond portal with their parents and family members. Moreover, this is a resource that high school and other career counselors can recommend to their students.  With career objectives better defined through The Pond, counselors can help students select electives courses, extracurricular activities and other strategies that will support their college applications.

As educator David Cushman noted, “If The Pond were integrated into schools, it could provide them with a multitude of educational options.” 

A look under the hood 

In developing The Pond, Letitu worked with high schools, corporations and student organizations to better understand the factors that guide career and college decisions. A personalized My Pond dashboard is generated for each student based on their input.  Through three sets of surveys, the platform highlights top college targets, potential majors to fit their skills, and career goals. Mentors and tutors can incorporate The Pond into their work with students, taking the experience to the next level, while avoiding the high costs associated with many other college prep services.

“The Pond is an example of how AI can serve a positive role in our society to help young people at a critical time in their life. It serves as a helpful tool throughout the journey as students are deciding their college futures,” Lee added. “

The Pond has already attracted significant investment capital in preparation for this formal launch. Also, Letitu was honored in 2022 by the Global Edtech Startup Awards, which recognizes the top education technology each year, for its innovative approach of using AI to support college-bound students.

To learn more about The Pond, visit:

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