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Like most automakers, Volkswagen — one of the largest global OEMS — is fully embracing the arrival of electric vehicles.

While a bunch more EVs are scheduled in the near future (including the long-anticipated ID Buzz van), the one that they have put out as their opening salvo is the Volkswagen ID.4, a compact crossover that debuted in the 2021 model year. It houses five passengers comfortably and features a futuristic design and a respectable range per charge, plus solid tech and safety features.

Competition is stiff, as everyone from Hyundai and Kia to Ford and Chevy are putting out EVs in this size and category. But VW is committed to the EV space in the U.S., even building the ID.4 at its Chattanooga, Tennessee facilities.

I recently drove a 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 AWD Pro S model, and I’m back with a full report on how it measures up in the growing world of EV options.

Additional Info

  • Vehicle 2023 Volkswagen ID.4
  • Price as tested $52,590 
  • Best feature Decent range, sharp interior design, safety features 
  • Rating 4 out of five stars    
  • Who will want this vehicle? EV buyers seeking a futuristic and well-designed compact crossover  
Posted On Monday, 17 April 2023 01:19 Written by
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When the Hyundai Palisade burst onto the scene a few years ago, the brand new flagship SUV became an instant smash.

With upscale and comfortable seating for up to 8 passengers, the Palisade is one of the vehicles leading the resurgence of Hyundai in the tough SUV battleground. Ironically, one of its top competitors is a corporate cousin, the Kia Telluride, along with the Honda Pilot, Ford Explorer and Toyota Highlander.

But everything must change to stay relevant, so a refresh to the Palisade’s design inside and out has arrived for 2023. There’s also a new stylish and rugged trim level (XRT) added for 2023, improved tech setup, and safety upgrades.

I recently tested a 2023 Hyundai Palisade, and I’m back with a full report on how it measures up against today’s best SUVs.

Additional Info

  • Vehicle 2023 Hyundai Palisade 
  • Price as tested $52,310 (starts around $36K)
  • Best feature High-end and spacious interior; smooth ride, excellent tech and safety features
  • Rating 4.5 out of five stars   
  • Who will want this vehicle? Families seeking a luxury-level experience from a non-luxury SUV
Posted On Monday, 10 April 2023 23:31 Written by
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In the stratosphere of the automotive world, you will find a small number of extra large land yachts also known as three-row luxury SUVs.

These flagship offerings from the biggest luxury names battle head-to-head to be chosen by elite buyers willing to shell out well into six figures for the latest and greatest luxury rides. In the Lexus lineup, the vehicle battling in this class is the LX 600, which was fully updated for the 2022 model year, then saw some minor changes for the 2023 model year.

Holding from four to seven passengers, depending on configuration, it battles heavy hitters in the segment including the Cadillac Escalade, Mercedes-Benz GLS, BMW X7, Range Rover, and Lincoln Navigator.

WIth a body-on-frame design that boosts its off-road prowess, sharp design inside and out, and much-improved tech offerings, the LX stands out as a leader in a segment where a vehicle must do everything right to be successful.

I recently tested a Lexus LX 600 F Sport, and I’m back with a full report on how well it competes.

Additional Info

  • Vehicle Lexus LX 600  
  • Price as tested $107,585 (starts around $89,000)
  • Best feature Powerful ride, spacious design, tech and safety offerings   
  • Rating 4 out of five stars   
  • Who will want this vehicle? Luxury SUV buyers seeking one of the biggest, boldest, and most upscale offerings available    
Posted On Tuesday, 28 March 2023 22:32 Written by
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As the number of SUVs continues to expand in a seemingly exponential manner, it’s sometimes difficult to classify where certain vehicles compete.

One vehicle battling in a unique area that fends off competitors on multiple sides is the 2023 Buick Enclave, one of the most intriguing three-row midsize SUV offerings from the U.S. Big Three automakers.

An upscale offering from GM, the Enclave is high-brow enough to battle with names such as Volvo and Acura, but it’s simultaneously fending off competitors from brands like Hyundai, Kia, Mazda and Ford, which are traditionally not viewed as luxury offerings.

It’s an introduction to the world of the more upscale SUV, without fully diving into the luxury lifestyle to keep pricing more realistic.

The 2023 Enclave sees little changes from the 2022 model, which underwent some major design and tech transformations that are carried over.

Buick’s goal with the Enclave is to deliver a strong overall vehicle — impressing through its design, tech, safety features and drive quality — that will pull potential buyers from either the lower-end or higher-end options into the seat of the Enclave.

With extensive cargo room, a smooth driving experience, and truly impressive technology offerings, it does that to a great extent.

Read on for a full breakdown on how the 2023 Enclave compares to its many competitors in this very popular vehicle segment.

Additional Info

  • Vehicle 2023 Buick Enclave
  • Price as tested $51,430 (starts around $45K)
  • Best feature Roomy and classy interior, top-notch GM technology
  • Rating 4 out of five stars   
  • Who will want this vehicle? Buyers seeking a stout three-row SUV from a U.S. automaker
Posted On Sunday, 26 February 2023 20:18 Written by
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Looking at the automotive sales charts, one thing becomes pretty clear — often the vehicles that sell the most are far from the most flashy. 

Such is the case with the 2023 Chevy Equinox, which is the second-best selling vehicle for Chevrolet behind only its Silverado pickup truck, and one of the top-selling small SUVs in the country.

Focused on a solid user experience, strong design and high-level tech features, the Equinox won’t be the fastest or the most head-turning model in the segment, but it’s clearly doing something right based on how the car-buying public is taking to it.

Changes to the Equinox for 2023 are minor, including a slight bump in horsepower, and updated paint scheme options.

I recently spent some time behind the week of a 2023 Chevy Equinox RS, and I’m back with a full report on how well it battles against a bevy of top competitors including Toyota’s RAV4, Honda’s CR-V and the Ford Escape.

Additional Info

  • Vehicle 2023 Chevy Equinox
  • Price as tested $37,710 (starts around $28K)
  • Best feature Advanced tech and safety features, roominess, attractive design     
  • Rating 3.5 out of five stars    
  • Who will want this vehicle? Drivers wanting a versatile and tech-savvy compact crossover from the Big Three Detroit automakers; and those who are more focused on utility than power
Posted On Tuesday, 21 February 2023 00:46 Written by
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