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NASCAR View: Could Martin Truex Jr. miss the Chase despite his brilliant season?

Posted On Friday, 29 May 2015 20:00 Written by
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Furniture Row Racing's Martin Truex Jr., who is having a career year in the 78 car and racking up top 5 and top 10 finishes like nobody's business, could miss the Chase.

Armageddon. Disaster.

No, it's not likely, but hear me out.

The number of winners in the Cup series this year is growing every week, and it's very likely that number could approach or pass 16 with so many races left to go before the Chase starts.

Truex has yet to take a checkered flag this year, despite running strong nearly every week.

Until he does, he has to be nervous.

He knows the rules of the current Chase setup just like everyone else: Until he wins, it doesn't mean anything that he is running well. His spot in the playoffs hasn't been secured.

Is that fair? -- Probably not. But life's not fair all the time.

It's reality -- and Truex has to accept it, and use it as motivation to do whatever he has to do to get that win so this burden can be off his back.

Even without a win, it's likely Truex will be the top winless driver in points and get in the Chase and probably compete quite well among the biggest names in the sport. But no driver has been dominant in 2015, and many talented drivers in strong equipment have not yet won. If the list continues to grow with names other than Truex being added to it, it becomes more likely that this nightmare scenario for the 78 team would unfold.

Not likely, but still possible -- so the sooner that win comes, the sooner Truex can truly enjoy the wonderful season he is having.

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