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NASCAR VIEW: No conspiracy here: Brad Keselowski just had better tires than Kurt Busch

Posted On Sunday, 22 March 2015 20:00 Written by
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Put down the tinfoil hats, NASCAR fans.

Conspiracy theories are abundant in the wake of Brad Keselowski's surprise win out in Fontana on Sunday, after the race was dominated by Stewart-Haas Racing teammates Kevin Harvick (who nearly won his third straight race) and Kurt Busch (who almost won in just his second race of the season after being suspended for the first three races).

It's all about cautions, and when they are thrown, and when they aren't thrown.

For those unaware of how the race ended, Kurt Busch was a couple laps from taking the checkered and securing a spot in the Chase. A debris caution was thrown, and the race took on a new life.

Most drivers took two tires, but a few (including Brad) took four, which ended up being a good move. Harvick was scheduled to take four, but called an audible and pulled out before his team changed the other two, which turned out to be a bad move.

The first green-white-checkered run didn't work, as before the white flag was thrown some of Kyle Larson's rear sheet metal flew onto the track after he was hit, so a second g-w-c was necessary. On this first run, Keselowski moved from about 15th up to the top-5.

Then, once the second attempt was given the green, Brad and his four tires smoked everybody, easily passing the 2-tire cars and getting right behind Kurt Busch. At that point Biffle wrecked in back of the field, but it was not in any way affecting the racing, so NASCAR let the drivers up front race back to the flag, as they should do when a race is on the line and safety of drivers is not hampered.

It was not a setup, it was not a conspiracy: It was how it's supposed to be and the fans got the best race possible out of it.
Some people (most those who either don't like Brad or are Kurt fans) are saying it was a fix, and that NASCAR doesn't want Kurt Busch in Victory Lane (since he's still got that personal protection order in place against him -- I have to say that's not necessarily a good image for the sport).

I can buy that the NASCAR bigwigs aren't exactly thrilled by the idea of Kurt hoisting a trophy, but to think they just manufactured that debris caution to hurt Kurt is silly.

I understand people are doubtful of debris cautions and don't believe they are legit sometimes, but i would bet there is a video somewhere showing the debris does exist. Not everything has to be a conspiracy, and not every camera angle is shown on TV during the broadcast.

Even if NASCAR does have something against Kurt it's going to be pretty impossible for them to prevent him from winning a race this year. He's been fast since he returned, and could easily win next week at Martinsville (one of his best tracks) and any other week since he's apparently going to one of the few people who can compete with teammate Harvick week in and week out. Even if he doesn't win, I can guarantee he'll be high enough in points to make the Chase, as there won't be 16 winners this year and Kurt runs strong every week (He's already marching toward the top 16 after just two weeks).

And if you really think NASCAR is against Busch, then why exactly did they give him a waiver to be Chase-eligible? That would have been their opportunity to stick it to him, but they didn't. They let him compete for the championship.

Congratulations to Brad should be the main order of the day, not formulating theories of how the sport is trying to stop Kurt from winning.
It's just plain silly, and has no basis in any sort of fact.

Faster tires won the race -- period.

End of story.

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