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INKAS announces Right-Hand Drive version of Sentry armored vehicle

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INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing nows offer a Right-Hand Drive (RHD) version of its field-proven armored vehicle. INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing nows offer a Right-Hand Drive (RHD) version of its field-proven armored vehicle. Photo courtesy of INKAS

TORONTO, ON – INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing has successfully re-engineered its Sentry APC (Armoured Personnel Carrier) to now offer a Right-Hand Drive (RHD) version of its field-proven armored vehicle. The INKAS Sentry APC is a tactical vehicle designed to serve in extreme climate conditions and harsh terrains. It is a unique APC in terms of technical specifications, design and assembly and is one of the only right-hand drive conversions in the world to be carried out 100% in-house, with the same company both designing and armoring the vehicle.


The heavy-duty Ford chassis that powers the Sentry APC is one of the most preferred and widely used platforms within mid-scale APCs and LAPVs with 8-to-10 person capacities. The Ford chassis offers a reliable and easy-to-maintain skeleton upon which to build out the APC. While there is a large need for these types of vehicles within volatile regions, approximately one third of the world’s population is left unserved because a Ford RHD chassis is not commercially available.

As a result, INKAS tasked its world-class engineering division with developing a right-hand-drive conversion for the Sentry APC to meet and exceed OEM quality and performance characteristics. This was a major challenge and required significant redesign to relocate and further reinforce the vehicle’s wiring, drivetrain components, steering and exhaust systems – however, INKAS was successful at manufacturing a 100% road-ready right-hand-drive chassis to accommodate the armoring process.

Built to perform in critical situations, the INKAS Sentry APC is one of the most effective vehicles for these applications. Its refined version has added toughness, power, and stability to ensure reliability in the field. The armored personnel carrier offers modular hook-ups for various external technologies such as air filtration systems, fire source detection, advanced optics, and more.

The weight distribution of both the Left-Hand-Drive and Right-Hand-Drive versions are specifically engineered to offer class-leading maneuverability and exceptional off-road performance while maintaining dual protective layers offering both ballistic and blast protection.
 The INKAS Sentry APC is armored up to CEN 1063 BR7 ballistic standards, protecting it from 7.62x51 Armor Piercing ammunition as well as blasts from underneath the vehicle.

Standard features include perimeter gunports, roof-mounted turret or escape hatch, and an 18,000-lb electric winch. 
The vehicle features advanced door lock mechanisms, a wide field of view from the driver cabin and an electronic night vision system. Further enhancements are optional, but include removeable front-mounted plow for obstacle clearance, external view cameras providing 360o field of view, sirens/PA systems, warning devices, crowd control features, emergency lights, and custom armouring options. 

INKAS Sentry APC can be customized to suit various tactical missions including search/rescue and medical evacuation, personnel and private transportation, command and control operations, surveillance and more.

The right-hand drive version is now in production and available for purchase. For more information, visit the vehicle page
 on the company website or watch the video here.

— Press release courtesy of INKAS


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