The redesigned GLC will debut this March in Geneva.

Mercedes-Benz’s redesigned GLC SUV will celebrate its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show in March and will go on sale in the U.S. by late 2019.

With its distinctive appearance, new operating system, innovative driver assistance systems and a new, enhanced engine, the GLC offers the best from the world of Mercedes-Benz. The exterior design captivates with its wide and sporty visual appearance. 

Muscularly sculpted surfaces and distinctive details such as the chrome elements, which now run from the front to the rear end, the redesigned headlamps and the heavily contoured radiator grille ensure a strong off-road character.

The interior combines luxury and user-friendliness in an uncompromising way with a larger display. In addition, the latest generation of the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) multimedia system impresses with intuitive and versatile operating options such as touch and the optimized Voice Control system. 

The driver assistance systems were considerably expanded and complemented, and the GLC will also be equipped with a new 2.0-liter inline 4-cylinder engine with more output and greater efficiency.

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At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the BMW Group will showcase the future of driving pleasure and the potential of digital connectivity in a variety of different ways.

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the BMW Group will showcase the future of driving pleasure and the potential of digital connectivity in a variety of different ways.

From January 8 to 11, visitors to the BMW Pavilion in the Las Vegas Convention Center’s Silver Lot will have their first chance to take a virtual drive in the BMW Vision iNEXT, accompanied by the BMW Personal Assistant.

The BMW Vision iNEXT vehicle will be displayed alongside a sophisticated mixed-reality installation that enables visitors to virtually experience the BMW Vision iNEXT. With virtual reality goggles and a specially-designed spatial concept, visitors are able to immerse themselves in this virtual world – from driving to autonomous riding and more.

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The Galaxy S9 and S9+ are offered in multiple colors.

Another year, another Samsung Galaxy smartphone is unveiled. It’s an annual ritual.

Depending on the year and how much is changing, the level of reaction can vary. But the key questions are always the same for those who prefer the Android side of the smartphone aisle: What’s new, and who should upgrade?


I recently spent some time with the Galaxy S9+, the extra large version of the new Galaxy S9, and I’m back with some key things to consider when debating whether to take the plunge.


Photo quality, features
For most of us, our phones have replaced our point-and-shoot cameras, and they keep getting better and better (though not quite to the level of DSLRs yet).

Samsung has made some improvements in the camera department with the S9 and S9+. One upgrade is an automatic dual-aperture camera (f/1.5 and f/2.4), which lets in the proper amount of light when taking photos. I also found there’s a somewhat noticeable improvement on photos taken in low-light conditions with the S9+.

The big news is that on the S9+ (but not the regular S9), you now have 12 MP dual cameras on the rear of the phone. The front-facing camera features an 8 MP camera.

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The Mazda infotainment system is controlled by a dial in the center console

Technology is omnipresent in our lives, and I’m not just talking about our smartphones and tablets. Everything has gotten smarter in the past decade, and of course our vehicles have not escaped the trend. In fact, automobiles are perhaps the most important front in the development of new technology these days.

Delivering a solid set of tech offerings in a vehicle lineup is critical to an automaker’s success, as it helps people decide what vehicles to purchase just as much as how well a vehicle’s driving experience is.

Here, I’ll be discussing the tech offerings from Mazda, as found in a 2018 Mazda CX-9, to see how they stack up.

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True-Fi’s software platform supports over 100 popular headphone models.

European audio software developer Sonarworks announces its new True-Fi technology that removes unwanted sound coloration from headphones so consumers can experience the artists' true intention — on a sonically balanced listening canvas it enables 'studio sound' performance.

True-Fi’s software platform, which supports over 100 popular headphone models, takes just seconds to configure and employs measurement-based compensation profiles to correct tonal discrepancies that are caused by the headphones' physical construction. The resulting sound is a closer match to what the artist originally created in the studio — so listeners can experience a closer emotional connection to music in any genre. The True-Fi platform App, which costs just $79, is compatible with both Mac and PC desktops.

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2019 BMW i8 Roadster unveiled Featured

Dec 03, 2017
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The 2019 BMW I8 Roadster was unveiled this week in L.A.

The electric vehicle just got a whole lot more fun, as BMW this week introduced the 2019 BMW i8 Roadster at the L.A. Auto Show.

The Roadster combines the BMW i8’s green tendencies with  powerful performance, and gives you the chance to enjoy the cool breeze in your hair on top of that.

Total output reaches 369 horsepower, and the first-ever BMW i8 Roadster (and its coupe counterpart) can both cover up to 18 miles in purely electric driving.
0-to-60 speed is in the low 4-second range, and top speed is estimated at 155 mph.


Passengers in the BMW i8 Roadster can either choose to drop the top (which opens in about 15 seconds) or stay covered. Standard equipment on the BMW i8 Roadster includes 20-inch wheels.

Sales of the i8 Roadster and i8 coupe  will commence in spring 2018, with prices yet to be announced.


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Amazon Alexa will be a familiar voice to BMW drivers starting next year.

The BMW Group is systematically expanding the intelligent connectivity capabilities of its vehicles by seamlessly integrating the highly versatile Alexa, Amazon’s voice-controlled personal assistant, into all BMW and MINI models from mid-2018. The innovative inclusion of a cloud-based voice service will enable BMW Group customers to access a variety of services, entertainment features and shopping facilities while on the move by simple voice interaction. Tens of thousands of Alexa skills that can be accessed from Echo devices will now be available for in-car use, too.

BMW Connected skill for Alexa has been available since September 2016. This has allowed BMW Connected users in the USA, Germany and the UK to ask Alexa to check vehicle information such as the state of charge or fuel level, or control their car via Remote Services from the comfort of their home. Alexa also makes it possible to consult appointments or scheduled routes and departure times with the help of the BMW Connected mobility agenda. The availability of Alexa in the car now makes it possible to use functions enjoyed at home while out on the road as well.

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The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus smartphones are a return to form for Samsung after a tough year.

It’s been a rough year for Samsung in the smartphone world. Sure, they’re still one of the biggest names in the business and sell plenty of product around the world, but controversy over their Galaxy Note 7 phones catching on fire due to poorly made batteries has had them on the world’s radar for the wrong reasons.

In a business as competitive as smartphones, that’s something you need to squash quickly and move on, or you’ll be left behind. Samsung made changes and worked to solve the issues and regain the public’s trust in their phones, and are now fully focused on their next offerings -- primarily the Galaxy S8 and its big brother the Galaxy S8 Plus (which, to clarify, are successors to the S7 line of phones, not the aforementioned Note 7).

I recently spent some time with an S8 Plus from AT&T, and I’m back what a report on how it’s been improved and who should consider upgrading.


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